Hello from FinePickens

I’ve heard a lot about this new-fangled technology: you know, the blogosphere the technograffitti, etc.  So I thought I’d put in my two cents.  Notice that I used the correct “two”.

From swinging on “hay ropes” in the barn and building tunnels in the bales of hay to being a sysop in one of the first file-sharing networks in a high school English classroom and then into a working retirement, I’ve managed to develop a few opinions and observations –not necessarily in that order.

I invite most people to follow this blog, but I make no promise that it will be something that lasts forever.  Given the learning curve to start up, I may lose interest very quickly.  If you are a compassionate person who would like to give me some encouragement through the learning curve, you would be deeply appreciated.

For me, it is time to seriously rethink what we have become.  That is not to say that the world is a bad place, but it is sometimes very difficult to face.  I see many people struggling for success, but they have no idea of where they are going.  I see lots of good intentions destroyed by unintended consequences.  But I do know of a source of hope, something less than fanatical, that provides that quiet sense of a meaningful life.

If you chose not to follow me in this blog, I won’t even know it.  But if you do choose to follow me, “Thank you, I look forward to becoming acquainted.”



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