Who will be your pallbearers?

Who will be your pallbearers?

Perhaps your first response is “What difference does it make?”  Well, here’s the difference.  I have found that most of the people, whom I respect as successful, have a clear vision of the legacy they intend to leave behind.  What will you leave behind?

If you are willing to admit that you would like “more” of something in your life which could be left behind, what should you be doing?  Does not that “something more” start with your relationships with other people?  Most people come to realize that success is not about “things”.  Materialism is an empty success at best.  Some say that it’s better to be crying in a Ferrari, than in a 10 year old rusted-out pick-up truck.  But those who seem happiest are those who can visualize where they are going, not what they are driving to get there.

So?  Do you have six people who will send you flowers while you can still see, feel, and smell them?  Better yet, would you take a moment’s hesitation to see, feel, and smell some flowers while YOU still can?

Would you be able to enlist the help of 6 people, while you are still alive, to each make two calls per week to help you meet new people?  Would YOU be willing to make six calls per week to find other people who would make phone calls for you?  Developing relationships with other people is the pathway to creating your legacy.

You can have anything you want if you help enough other people get what they want.  Somebody has to be the first to speak: if not you, then who; if not now, then when?  The biggest motivator to action is the realization that time is the greatest equalizer and it is a limited resource.

Your next step is to contact me through http://bit.ly/I37Za3 .


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